Internship Weeks 10 and 11

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These past two weeks I have been traveling to a couple different states. The first state I traveled to was Nebraska. I was in York, Nebraska completing the wrap up session of my internship with Winfield United. The first day we traveled to Waco, Nebraska to a Winfield United Answer Plot. They had all kinds of different trials including population stands, planting depths, nutrient packages and the new hot topic of the dicamba tolerant soybeans. The second day of the session we traveled to Waco, Nebraska once again and we had the opportunity to travel the Dekalb Seed Corn facility. It was a very large facility where we were required to wear a hard hat and goggles at all times. It was a very impressive process to watch throughout every part of the factory. 

The week after the trip to Nebraska I had the opportunity to compete on Kansas State University's Weed Science Competition Team. The contest was held in Ames, Iowa at Iowa State University's agronomy learning farm. There were five different parts in the contest. A written sprayer calibration worksheet, weed identification, herbicide symptomology, team sprayer calibration portion and a real life scenario farmer problem. The contest was very fun and a great learning experience. I hope that I can compete again next year. 

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Delbert King
Delbert King
When you come to Muskegon Michigan, call me. 231 474 4926. Im going to switch to ru ready sweet corn nent year Del King

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