Internship Week 7

HSC Intern



This past week was a short one due to the 4th of July holiday. However,  I was working on my Range and Pasture Project taking different photos of pasture ground we are doing treatments on. I am doing a trial with a product called Pasture Gard HL. We sprayed most of the field and left an untreated strip so that we can take side by side photos of how the product works. At the very end of this week I finished up helping Kyle most of the day in the yard along with scouting fields. I learned this week that it is important to learn how all the different parts of a business work and how that is vital to its success. Every side of the business is very important in its own way and without one branch the whole business would not run properly. This last week was also the last day of Garden Camp.The kids learned about the different types of soil and how to do a soil test. Then we finished the day at the park. I hope the kids learned a lot of new things and had a good time. 

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